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The Australian Reptile Park has seen the hatching of 50 Murray River turtles which is a record amount for the hatching of turtles in one year. The Park is a part of a national breeding program to help save the species as their conservation status is listed as “Vulnerable”.


Reptile keepers found the eggs exposed in the park’s turtle pond after heavy rain and keepers brought them inside to an internal incubator to ensure eggs hatched safely. Keepers say that the eggs are most likely to be from three different mother turtles as when the eggs were removed they were found in three separate chambers. In the wild Murray River turtles typically lay between 6-20 eggs in a clutch meaning that the 3 clutches are seen to be typical size of a clutch.

The 50 adorable hatchlings are currently being housed off display in a nursery with hopes to display them to the public in the future.