George the wombat has done it again with second viral video

George, the world’s most famous wombat, does it again with another hugely popular video – this time of him playing with his carer Tim Faulkner. This comes on his 1st birthday and after the first video of George bonding with Australian Reptile Park General Manager reaching 40 million views worldwide.

After a heartbreaking start to life, things are looking up for George the wombat. In fact, slowing him down now seems like the biggest challenge! When George was still in the pouch, his mum was hit and killed by a car. Thankfully a passer-by checked her pouch and discovered this tiny, scared face staring back at her. Suddenly alone in the world, George was brought to the Australian Reptile Park where Tim Faulkner became his new ‘fill-in’ family, providing him with the milk he needed and the cuddles he craved.

Tim Faulkner is still a large part of George’s life and says “8 months on from George’s arrival and he is thriving! It’s always hit and miss with these little orphans. It’s hard to know if they’ve been exposed to disease, are malnourished or even injured in the accident. He has pulled through like a true champion. I’m so proud of the Australian ambassador George has become. Australian wildlife needs all the help it can get and George has stolen everyone’s heart, again!”

Faulkner goes on to explain “Cars are one of the biggest threats to Aussie wildlife. I urge people to slow down in wildlife areas as it is animals like George the public will be protecting. So many animals are killed by vehicles each year and if we all took a little more care, we can decrease the number dramatically!”

The Australian Reptile Park has a great relationship with Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue where George will eventually be released to live his life as a wombat when it is time for him to return to the wild. For now, visitors can see and cuddle George daily at The Australian Reptile Park, often described by many and a highlight of their visit.