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Billy Collett, Head of Reptiles has worked with Australian Reptile Park for 10 years.

His partner of 3 years Siobhan Oxley was a former employee of the park in mammals for four years.

Earlier this week Billy told Siobhan she was invited back to the park to have a go at sharing his job in feeding the park’s 4.5 saltwater crocodile Elvis.

Excited by the prospects Siobhan jumped at the opportunity.

During a regular crocodile feeding show, Billy entertained the crowd with his history and passion for the park and how he met his partner 3 years ago at Terrigal Pub, and she was here to feed Elvis.

Billy invited Siobhan into the show pit, lured the massive crocodile out of the water and then turned around bent down on one knee and asked her to marry him, with Elvis smiling jaw wide open in the background.

The engagement ring Billy presented was an emerald with two diamonds either side. He chose Emerald because it’s Siobhan’s birth stone.

Billy sought approval of Siobhan’s parents Frank and Kerryn Oxley, and they were thrilled and also knew that the proposal would be extravagant when it came to Billy.

In tears of happiness, Siobhan accepted Billy’s proposal but felt robbed of missing out on that croc feed she thought she was doing.