Eastern quoll births

Cutest baby kangaroo ever


Cute koala joey

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Elvis the crocodile crushes bone

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Wombat play time

Tasmanian devil joeys Devil Ark 2017

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Tim Faulkner Archibald Submission

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Behemoth the giant huntsman

Koala joeys at The Australian Reptile Park

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Tiny Bavay s gecko eats banana

Kalina the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby joey


Easter holidays 2017 at The Australian Reptile Park


Adorable Murray River Turtle Hatchlings at Australian Reptile Park

Maddy the koala adopts new babies at Australian Reptile Park

Elvis celebrates his rock n roll 51st birthday

Tim Faulkner s Wild Life LIVE comes to The Australian Reptile Park


Alligator nest raid 2016

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Tassie devils in Winter Wonderland


George the wombat

Zoo keeper proposes to girlfriend in crocodile enclosure

Devil Ark provides life saving milk for humanity

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Baby eastern quolls

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Keeper Hayley and May the koala joey

9 month

Spring School Holidays at The Australian Reptile Park


Cuteness alert Baby Tassie devils!

How do Galapagos tortoises sweat?!

Dingo walks

Barn owl nesting

TIMELAPSE of a mixed species exhibit

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Vulnerable species (red crowned toadlet) found at Australian Reptile Park

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Kevin the orphan joey


*Welcome Belle the cutest joey around!*

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Australian Reptile Park LOVES funnel web spiders!

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Australian Reptile Park’s life saving anti venom program

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Arrival of ADORABLE Dingo pups at Australian Reptile Park

Only the highest koala ty leaves for the koalas at The Australian Reptile Park


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Cheeky devils!

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Koala triplets

King Brown babies

Kangaroos kissing

Walter and Mick have the best time together

Alligator egg harvest

Yellow foot with new baby

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The Wild life of Tim Faulkner compile

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Alligator Snapping Turtle

Tim Fau


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Cobra Master

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Billy and the Roo

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croc eggs

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Billy and the Roos

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Venom Training

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Tree shrew


Devil Ark Tim s Pledge

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slow loris

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Red Bellied Black Snake

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snail eating snake

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Billy and the Roo

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Baby Tasmanian Devil

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Koala Park Launch

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King Cobra Mating

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Tasmanian Devils

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Tasmanian Devils


Feeding baby Tasmanian Devils

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Tasmanian Devils

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Baby Tasmanian Devils

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Baby Tassie Devil

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Baby Koala

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Hawksbill turtle

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Green Fence Lizard

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Fluke the Hawksbill sea turtle 2

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flying lemur

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Egg harvest at Reptile Park

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Dingo Puppies

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Tasmanian Devil


Dingo Puppies Master

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Tasmanian Devil

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Bearded pigs

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Koala on the catwalk


Tasmanian devil joey becoming my shadow!


Kalina the wallaby finds new mum in Keeper Taryn

Kalina is a 5 month old yellow footed rock wallaby joey, a species that is considered endangered in New South Wales! After being rejected from her mother’s pouch, Kalina has found a new mother in Keeper Taryn and the two have formed quite the special bond! With Kalina only being 750g she is definitely still in need of a mummy!! The Australian Reptile Park has a successful breeding program where 4-5 joeys are born into the program every year! She loves licking just before she gets her bottle so that’s how we know she’s hungry but also loves giving Taryn kisses on the nose!