Kangaroo joey takes first hops in viral video

The Australian Reptile Park has had a bumper year with new arrivals with Jellybean the eastern grey kangaroo joey being the latest bouncing bundle of joy showing off at the award-winning sanctuary.

Jellybean has already stolen the hearts of thousands of Australians with a video of her taking her first hops outside of mum’s pouch on The Australian Reptile Park’s Facebook page, posted last night, already gaining over 100,000 views. Followers are commenting on how cute the joey is and on the beautiful relationship between Jellybean and her mother Josie.

The Australian Reptile Park’s General Manager Tim Faulkner says “Jellybean is such a gorgeous addition to our Reptile Park family”. He goes on to say “she’s proving to be a hit with visitors with her photo popping up on social media more and more each day!”

Jellybean is a part of The Australian Reptile Park’s eastern grey kangaroo family which visitors to the Park are able to walk freely amongst and hand-feed them. This hands-on interaction with an Aussie icon is often a highlight to both domestic and international guests.