The Australian Reptile Park’s largest lizard, Kraken the Komodo dragon, had his inaugural measuring and weigh-in today. He came in at 2.2m in length and 32kg in weight which is a massive result for the 6 year old juvenile dragon.

Unlike mammals, reptiles don’t actively show signs that they are unhealthy. Head of Reptile Daniel Rumsey explains “Reptiles don’t actually need to eat very much, so it’s not like they go off their food. The best way of gauging their health is by weighing them, which isn’t always an easy task!”

Kraken went off-site to be weighed as he is too large to fit on any of the scales the wildlife sanctuary has at the facility. The Australian Reptile Park engaged the help of a local pet food manufacturer in Somersby called Vet’s Best. Kraken was loaded into the park’s van to drive him the short distance to the factory where employees had a very different morning in the office – it’s not every day a Komodo dragon wanders into your workplace! He then returned to The Australian Reptile Park for measuring, impressing the onlookers who were at the park visiting for the holidays.