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At Christmas, Australians often come together sharing a vision of giving is better than receiving. In a constant plight to save the Tasmanian Devil and raise awareness of this threatened species, The Australian Reptile Park is showcasing their lovable side in a winter wonderland setting!

“Tasmanian Devils warm to all keepers that raise them, forming an inseparable bond” said Mammals Keeper, Andrew Daly who raised two park babies Marley and Moose.”

“They’re affectionate, curious, and inquisitive characters, sometimes shy and just like a household puppy disruptive in an innocent way.”

“At any chance Marley and Moose get they will play a game of tug a war with my shoelaces or shirt, and they love to treat me like a tree climbing on my head or sit on my shoulders. Marley is also a hoarder, any toys we put in her enclosure she collects and won’t share with Moose. When their Christmas presents arrive we will need to ensure Marley gives her brother a chance to play with his own gifts.”


The Tasmanian Devil enclosure is a key attraction at Australian Reptile Park with babies often used in photo sessions for the public to enjoy a cuddle experiencing their lovable side during the summer months when the joeys are still young enough to handle!

There are only 10% of Tasmanian devils left in the wild, 90% have vanished due to the deadly Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). There is no cure. There is no vaccination. To ensure an insurance population of healthy, genetically diverse devils to be released in the wild in disease-free areas, Australian Reptile Park is supporting Devil Ark’s crowd funding campaign to
double in size to breed more cancer free devils, guaranteeing their survival.

For further information see: More info

or Devil Ark’s Crowdfunding page: More info