Australian Reptile Park presents spring baby and animal shows in September school holidays

Park keeper, “Ranger Mick”, will entertain visitors with two daily reptile shows showcasing snakes, alligators and lizards at 11am plus a baby animal show at 1.00pm featuring baby koalas, wombats, kangaroos, bilbies, Tasmanian devils, dingo puppies, turtles and chameleons.  Additionally, nine other interpretive shows and animal feeds will take place throughout the school holidays.

Visitors will be able to pat the baby mammals and reptiles and have their photo taken with them near the show arena, whilst hearing from keepers on how they’re raised at Australian Reptile Park.

September also marks feeding season for Australian Reptile Park’s 40 resident alligators.  Park rangers will demonstrate conditioning techniques to avoid their snapping jaws as they rise high out of the lagoon to catch their food during daily alligator feeding shows.

“School Holidays at Australian Reptile Park is all about providing the best family fun day out to our visitors,” said Tim Faulkner General Manager, and Head of Conservation.

“Every guest will enjoy meeting all the new spring babies, and alligator feeding season always provides a thrilling show. Keepers will be out roaming the park with Komodo dragons, dingo puppies, lizards, snakes, and native birds, usually behind a barrier, for visitors to admire and we have many informative shows and talks daily.”

The most celebrated roving keeper program of the school holidays will be the daily walk with the park’s giant resident Galapagos tortoise Hugo, who is turning 65years old in September.  Park rangers will be inviting visitors to sing happy birthday to Hugo daily and pat his huge shell.

For visitors wanting behind-the-scenes experiences at Australian Reptile Park, interactive workshops are available during the school holidays with Kids 2 Keepersprograms, and meet the stars of Animal Encounters. Each program provides exclusive behind-the-scenes access, allowing visitors to explore the wonders of wildlife at the Australian Reptile Park.  Set dates and age groups apply for interactive workshops with full details online.

The Australian Reptile Park is open daily from 9am until 5pm, located at Somersby on the Central Coast of New South Wales, approximately a one hour drive from Sydney and Newcastle with complementary parking.

School holiday shows presented daily include:

  • 9.45am Funnel Web Milking Show
  • 10.45am Galapagos tortoise feeding
  • 11am Reptile show
  • 12noon Alligator feeding + Hugo the Galapagos tortoise’s Birthday Walk
  • 12.20am Tasmanian Devil Show
  • 1pm Baby Animal show
  • 1.30pm Crocodile Feeding
  • 2pm Koala Feeding
  • 2.15pm Reptile Show
  • 3.15pm Dingo Feeding Talk
  • 3.30pm Spider Show
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