Dinosaurs Alive takes centre stage at Australian Reptile Park in Dec-Jan School Holidays

The mighty roar of Tyrannosaurus Rex, to the snapping jaws of crocodilians will be the entertainment line up centre stage at The Australian Reptile Park on the Central Coast in the Dec-Jan school holidays for Dinosaurs Alive, an eight week choreographed event series showcasing the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods of geologic time millions of years ago.

TRex Gary Brown

Two of the world’s most popular man eating dinosaurs the Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex will play a key role in Dinosaurs Alive, alongside park keepers amplifying the prehistoric time period.  These two carnivores will also feature in a park walk with keepers guiding their way to avoid any lunch snacks of the human kind, along their path.


Young paleontologists at heart will also be able to participate in their own dino dig in the all new Dinosaur exploratory digging ground at Australian Reptile Park.  The digging ground will include an Australian exploratory fossil dig featuring replica fossils of prehistoric animals that roamed our lands many years ago, plus a prehistoric dinosaur fossil dig featuring dinosaur fossils from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.


Additional entertainment during the Dinosaurs Alive event series, will be daily feeding of the park’s resident crocodilians –  the closest living relative and ancient cousins of the dinosaurs.


Park icon Elvis, a 4.5 metre Saltwater Crocodile renowned to be the angriest saltwater crocodile in the country, will be fed daily during a thrill seeking show demonstrating the strength of his snapping jaw, capable of crushing the skull of prey as large as a water buffalo.  On January 8, Elvis will turn 50 years old, sharing his birthday with the King of Rock and Roll, Mr Presley.  Guests will be treated to the park’s own Rock and Roll show for the giant croc’s birthday, when keepers feed Elvis a giant carcass as a special gift, which he will naturally pull into the water and death roll.


Deadly and dangerous Dinosaurs Alive events extend into the park’s lagoon, home to 40 American Alligators.  Their daily feeding show consists of park keepers entering the danger zone of the lagoon, and dangling their food over a walking plank, whilst tempting the giant reptiles to launch high out of the water allowing visitors to marvel at their erratic jaw snapping for food.


Roving keepers at Australian Reptile Park will also be aligning with Dinosaurs Alive, wandering around with a variety of crocodilian babies for guests to pat and admire.  To really get up close and personal with these dinosaur relatives, guests can book Behind-The-Scenes tours and interactive Kids 2 Keepersprograms.


There’s always an additional cute factor at the Australian Reptile Park and for the upcoming holidays it’s the introduction of two new baby emus Zippy and Poker who will be out roaming amongst the kangaroos in the hands-on grounds for visitors to enjoy.


The Australian Reptile Park is open daily from 9am until 5pm daily during the Dec-Jan school holidays but will be closed on Christmas Day.  The park is located at Somersby on the Central Coast of New South Wales, approximately a 60 minute drive from Sydney and Newcastle with complementary parking, and BBQ facilities.


School holidays Dinosaurs Alive daily event show series:


9.45am – Funnel Web Spider Milking

10.30am – Galápagos tortoise feeding

10.45am – Tasmanian Devil Show

11.30am – Dinosaurs Alive & Reptile Show

12.30pm – Alligator Feeding

12.30pm – Walk with Hugo the Galapagos tortoise

1.00pm – Venom Show

1.30pm – Crocodile feeding

2.00pm – Koala Feeding

2.15pm – Reptile Show

3.15pm – Dingo Talk

3.30pm – Spider Talk


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